Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So, I realize that my posting has been pretty erratic of late. As I've said many times over: school and life get in the way. Especially now, what with final projects all colliding to make me lose massive amounts of sleep. I'm sorry. I have to wonder just how many times I can say that before people start tuning me out all together.

But I won't have that. So starting December, not only am I going to impose a monthly schedule for myself, but I'm also going to start changing up what I write about, because I realize that for the past few months, all I ever talk about is movies. And it's not called "Movie Junkie Loudmouth", now is it?

Anyway... Here's the way I want my monthly schedule to look:

Sunday nights: Movie reviews from the preceding weekend. If I didn't get out to the theater, I can at least still ruminate on the weekend's selection.

Every other Wednesday night: I'll offer my thoughts on a pertinent pop culture topic. This might include the state of MPAA/ESRB ratings, current cultural touchstones, the future of the gaming/literature/film/TV/music industries, etc. I'll try to change things up so as to not talk about movies ALL the time.

Friday Nights: If I have anything to review aside from movies, this is when I'll post those.

Right there, that's a guaranteed 10 posts per month. In between, I plan on posting any interesting links or news articles I happen across on the web. That sounds fair, don't you think?

Also, I realize I have a back catalog of movies I need to be reviewing, and I think I'll probably just do a series of mini reviews, akin to what I ended up doing over the summer. Or who knows, I might surprise you and review each of them in full. At the very least, know that a full review of Quantum of Solace IS on the way. I'm still working on that one.

Please stay tuned.

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